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Good Deeds and Paying it Forward

Coffee and Cake

Take a look at just about any media or new outlet and you will be inundated with stories of terrible acts, bleak circumstances and sheer stupidity. The summary seems to be that everyone has to be out to watch their backs and screw over your peers to get ahead in life. Luckily, the real world is still nothing like that if you just take a chance and have some love for your fellow men and women. Easy to say, but where do you start?

I am all about practical steps that anyone can do today to get their life moving on the right track, and today’s act is just that: easy. Today you goal is to do a random act of kindness for a stranger. Where most people go wrong with this is to try too hard to make it an act of significance, they look for someone down hard on their luck, an old lady crossing the street, or any other tv cliche that comes to their head. If that’s you, then stop.

Now if something like that presents itself to you and you are struck to do something to help then great, jump on it and help out. But most people get stuck looking for those opportunities and never do anything. An example you may hear lately is buying the cup of coffee for the person behind you in line, which is an excellent suggestion. But keep it simple, don’t worry about stuff like, is the person behind you better dressed and maybe better off than you, are they buying coffee, will they take offense, blah blah blah, just do it.

The person behind you could be homeless and just scratched together enough money to buy a cup of coffee to warm up, and now they can get some food or save their money for later. They will be more appreciative personally than most, and you may even be a small part in them turning their life around, who knows. Alternatively, you may end up buying the richest person in the world a cup of coffee and that simple gesture, while not impactful to them financially, may move them to donate significantly more financially then you would be able to do on your own towards the benefit of others.

The point is that it doesn’t matter what you do or for whom, just that you do something good for another person.